Come see our truly authentic antiquity, you'll really travel trought time!

Many antiquities are on display in the Inn. Most of them were provided by the first owner of the property. Let us tell their story.

The authentic Sasseville family’s piano was built in 1871, in Toronto, by the Canadian company Heinzman. Comparing to other pianos, this one has one octave missing. This made this model very original. It is a combination of grand piano and upright piano designs. Sadly, very few where actually built because of a major defect : its tendency to go out of tune. It was called the Forté, the Chanté and even the cuffin! You can see it in the dining room of the hotel and try it! Why not?

The old wood stove Jacques-Cartier’s model, 1861 l’essayer!


Nos visiteurs peuvent admirer le vieux poêle à bois original de la maison: le modèle Jacques-Cartier 1861, fabriqué à Lotbinière, QC. Tout en fonte travaillée, il est en parfait état et fait la joie des nostalgiques!


The first bell of the first church of Sainte-Anne-des-Monts 1820!

The old buffet who came from a shipwrecked.

Many antiquity all around the Inn